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Drone photogrammetry

Advanced technology thanks to which we may obtain geometric data (location, dimensions) on the basis of high-resolution drone photographs. It is particularly useful in cases in which measurements with the use of traditional devices would be uneconomical or dangerous.

3D laser scanning

This technology allows to cover a facility with billions of points quickly and accurately. The most modern laser scanners measure up to 2 million points per second, performing a full 360-degree rotation around its own axis.

Panoramic photography

It is a perfect supplementation of the documentation of buildings. It allows for better understanding of architectural drawings so that a visual inspection of a building is not necessary. Panoramic views may also be obtained by means of a drone.


Krzysztof Pietroń

Kierownik działu fotogrametrii i skaningu

Łukasz Laskowski

Starszy specjalista ds. fotogrametrii i batymetrii

Łukasz Krześniak

Starszy specjalista ds. inwentaryzacji architektonicznych i georadarów

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